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Make a difference: partnership with Starfish Asia.

Image of children in class with school booksValue: All of our income goes towards helping the children in Pakistan through the schools and projects we support.  We minimise our overhead costs. Around 85% of our received income goes directly to our partners in Pakistan and the projects they run among the poor.

Accountability: We maintain regular and close contact with our national partners in Pakistan and the senior staff visit all our projects annually. Most of our partners’ projects are locally registered under Pakistani law, with their own independent Boards of Trustees.

Credibility: We have thirty years’ experience of working in Pakistan and have close and strong relationships with community leaders in Pakistan. Since 2003, Starfish Asia has continued to grow and now supports around 50 homes and schools providing help and education to more than 8,300 children and their families per year.

Opportunity: Pakistan is often in the headlines for bad news. We bring good news to this beleaguered nation—hope and not despair. We focus on education for the marginalised minority children of Pakistan and support our partners in building Christian values into the lives of the children.

Investment: We invest in national partners who are already involved in bringing hope to their own communities. Many have made a considerable personal sacrifice to work with the poor and do so often under severe threat and difficult working conditions.

Satisfaction: The support of our international donors is invaluable. Without your help many of these children might lose hope and spend their lives making bricks or cleaning the houses of the rich. Worse still, many might return to the streets without work, drawn to drugs and cheap sex or to waste their lives as petty thieves and beggars. Your help will enable them to escape from poverty and to make a contribution to their world.

Appreciation: We acknowledge all gifts with gratitude and welcome supporters as members of the Starfish Asia family (unless you choose otherwise). We will keep you informed about how your money is spent and the difference you are making to some of Pakistan’s poorest children.

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