Starfish Asia help to provide Scholarships for Pakistan’s poor. All the schools we are supporting are either Primary or High Schools, taking students up to Class 10 and their matriculation exam. But that is just the beginning! Education in Pakistan becomes more expensive after Matric.


Starfish Asia offers scholarships for Pakistan’s poor – first of all to those who graduate from schools we are supporting, and then to other deserving students who need help. These may be for vocational courses at places such as the Vocational Training Centre in Karachi or the Christian Technical Training Centre in Gujranwala.

We have also supported some to study at University for MA and MPhil degrees. We will do what we can to equip a generation of qualified Christians to reach their potential.

Current scholarship funding needs are about £2,200 / $2,500 a month, as we support 250 young people.

Starfish Asia also offers scholarships for any of the teachers working in supported schools who wish to improve their current level of teacher qualification.

If you have the spirit to do something, you can do everything

—  Mazenod College student

Scholarship success stories

Sana Immauel

Sana Immauel is a scholarship student in her third year on the road to become a clinical pharmacist. She says that without a scholarship she would not be able to study. She comes from a family of 6. “I’m really thankful to God. Because I wouldn’t be here without the help and wisdom from my God. And I know that I’ll surely be a clinical pharmacist, helping my patients to win the battle of their lives. Because I believe that ‘I can do all things through Christ, Who is my strength!'”

Zanis Younas

“I am in my final year of study for a doctorate in Physiotherapy. Starfish has had a vital role in my life and I have been able to pay all my dues on time. I dream of opening a clinic to provide free physiotherapy for poor stroke victims.”


Shaizia is in her 4th year of medical studies. Her dream is to become a cardiologist! This ambitious young lady had no chance of going through medical college as her father is a plumber (low waged in Pakistan) and her mother is a house wife. Your support brings hope to young ladies like her.

Cyril John

Cyril John is a younger brother and, because his sister went to university, the family could not afford to have him studying further. However, thanks to the scholarship programme he has now graduated as a chemist and is currently working as an intern in a lab in Lahore. He is hopeful that this will lead to his first paid job. In chatting with him he said “I’d like a well paid job so that I can then also support poorer students to study further just like you have done.”

Dr. Asher Akram

“I did my MBBS from King Edward Medical University in April 2021 and passed with distinction in Medicine and Paediatrics. Starfish has played a pivotal role in my life. I belong to a middle class family, my father is a heart patient, and it was difficult to go for higher studies because of the fees. I owe a lot to Starfish for being so gracious. After completing my studies I will work as a doctor in Mayo Hospital Lahore and serve the community as best as I can.”

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