Children who cannot go to school

img_girlMany millions of Pakistan’s children never go to school. Why?

  • Millions of Pakistani families are illiterate and have no understanding of the value of education.
  • Poverty means many parents send their children to work to add to the family income. This is also why 50% of children drop out of school after Class 5.
  • There simply are not enough free Government schools for children to attend. The Government’s education budget is too low to meet the needs of an exploding population.
  • Many Government schools are poorly equipped (50% have no electricity, 25% no toilets), teachers fail to turn up or classrooms are dirty and furniture broken.
  • The Government school curriculum is heavily slanted towards Islam, which makes it very hard for Christians to attend.
  • There is serious prejudice against Christian children, who are often looked down on as inferior and untouchable.

Image of children in a school in PakistanWorking with and for minorities

We are concerned for poor and neglected children regardless of background or religion and our desire is for communities to work together.

Image of two Pakistani boys

But our efforts focus on Christian communities, a neglected and exploited minority whose critical needs are not being met, and our close working partners are drawn from among them.

  Pakistan’s Christians


Pakistan as a whole

2008-12, UNESCO

Literacy                11.5% 54.9%
Primary School completion 6% 52.2%
Secondary School completion 4% N/A
College completion 1% N/A


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