Why we’re needed

  • Education in Pakistan is in a state of crisis. More than 22 million Pakistani children do not go to school. These children are powerless to provide schools for themselves and Starfish Asia’s work is a small part of the solution.
  • Pakistan’s Christian minority, like their brothers and sisters in other parts of the Islamic world, are under pressure. They suffer discrimination and prejudice and are treated as an underclass. Our work equips them to raise their status in society.
  • Pakistani society is becoming more extremist, so it is important to support and build up minority groups whose presence helps build attitudes of pluralism and tolerance.
  • it is important to convey to countries like Pakistan that the rest of the world has more to offer Muslim countries than bombs and destruction. The UK government spends over £½ million sending just 2 aircraft to bomb ISIS in Iraq once.  How important, then, for Starfish Asia to keep finding its annual budget of less than £½ million to keep 50 schools and homes running!
  • life is competitive, and it is important that everyone has a chance to be educated. A little girl only gets one chance to go to school. If she misses out, she is very likely to face poverty and lack of opportunity all her life and the negative effects will even spill over into future generations.

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