Our values

We stand for ...

  • Compassion, especially for the poor, the downtrodden and the wounded.
  • Collaboration – We respect what others are doing in the same areas as ourselves and we are happy to co-operate with them where appropriate to deliver the best outcome for our beneficiaries. We do not look for any special credit for our projects or to enhance the name of Starfish Asia.
  • Competence – Our aim is to be professional in our work, taking pride in it and getting it right first time and thereby gaining a reputation for passion, efficiency, integrity and consistency.
  • Communication – We are committed to being truthful and honest, listening to those with greater wisdom and insight, building trust with partners and supporters.
  • Continuous Improvement – We seek to be an innovative organisation, always open to learning and implementing better practices so as to bring long term advantage to our target beneficiaries.
  • Conviction – We are a Christian organisation and want God’s love to empower what we do. And we trust God to provide. We aim to be realistic in our planning, but this will sometimes involve taking risks and exercising faith.

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