Vision and Values


To see thousands of deprived children from Christian and other minority communities in Pakistan take the journey from ignorance and poverty to a life of dignity and responsibility


To give hope to the children of Pakistan by enabling Christian schools to provide education and an environment for students to learn and achieve, inspire ambition, and prepare a generation to take their place as equal citizens in the country’s future.


The values of Starfish Asia guide the way we work with each other, our boards, project partners and other concerned parties.


We are motivated by love, as exemplified in Jesus Christ, especially for the poor, the downtrodden and the marginalised, and seek to love our neighbour as we love ourselves. While aiming to be efficient in our management, we determine to remain compassionate in our concern for human frailty.


We believe that generosity must be at the heart of our charity – generosity in attitude, generosity of time and talent, as well as generosity in our provision of acts of mercy.


We aim to empower local leaders and communities, retaining trust and respect for our partners and avoiding any attempt to control or undermine their authority – while ensuring the highest standards of accountability to their own boards and beneficiaries.


We respect what others are doing in the same areas as ourselves, and we are happy to co-operate with them where appropriate to deliver the best outcome for our beneficiaries. We do not look for any special credit for our projects or to enhance the name of Starfish Asia.


We are committed to truth and honesty, urging transparency and openness in our partners as the basis of our relationship of mutual trust. We aim to be open and honest in our publicity and willing to share our failures as well as our successes.


Our aim is to be professional in our work, offering the best service possible to people in need, within our means and with the highest standards of efficiency, quality and accountability.

Join the fight to give Pakistan's children a future

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