Our partners in Pakistan

Starfish Asia does not start or run projects. We do not open schools, direct schools, oversee schools or control those who do. We do what we can to come alongside national Christians who are gifted, capable and committed to help the poor and to provide them with the resources to do the job that God has given them to do.

At present we are working with around 35 Pakistani project leaders, and this is just a short introduction to a few of them. They need your prayers and support.


Image of WalterWalter comes from a largely Christian village where his family has lived for many years and his brother is a farmer. He studied theology for 2 years in Scotland and then returned to Pakistan, to the village.

He has always had a passion to lift up the economic standard of his community, but the local government school provides no hope of a proper education.  With help from Starfish Asia he launched his dream in 2008 of opening a school to serve his Christian community. He has also built a small clinic to meet medical emergencies in the village. It is hard to tie a good man down.


Image of SalomeSalome ran a school for 10 years in the upper portion of her family home in a Christian colony in Lahore. Her teachers were mostly drawn from her Sunday School, and together their concern was to provide an education for the local Christian children that would not only equip them to face the future, but also enable them to know Christ and the basic truths of their faith.

Starfish Asia started to give help in 2008 to provide resources to expand the school, move into new premises and pay proper salaries. Her dreams are being fulfilled.

Ashraf and Wilma

Image of AshrafAshraf and his wife Wilma were concerned for the many children from broken and disturbed families in their community. They took a few orphaned and troubled young girls into their home in order to give them a chance in life. As their family grew, it became increasingly clear that they needed a larger home and funding for the growing community.

Starfish Asia provided some of that funding and there are now 30 girls in the Abba Home — some orphans, some from broken and disturbed homes, all of them cared for, given an education and enabled to rebuild their lives.

William and Ruth

Image of William and RuthWilliam was a worker on a bamboo plantation and lived with his wife, Ruth, in a rural Christian community with no access to suitable schooling for their children. Troubled by this, Ruth opened her home and started Primary School classes for the local Christians. As the school grew, more space was needed – and more teachers too.

Starfish Asia began to provide some financial help to expand the school and provide proper facilities. Parents from three nearby villages came to plead for their children too, so William hired a rickshaw and bought a small van. Now they run a pick-and-drop service for 35 children from other villages.  This year the school has expanded with the building of 4 new classrooms.

Every one of the projects supported by Starfish Asia is overseen by reliable and capable partners, such as those mentioned here, who have a personal passion and concern to bring help to the needy and the suffering in their own society. We count it a privilege to be able to provide resources to those who use them so well.

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