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It is almost impossible from a relatively secure perspective to grasp the reality of absolute poverty. To have nothing… no stable job… no pension… no home… no money to send the children to school. No hope of change. But millions experience the devastation of absolute poverty as a daily grinding reality. Is it our responsibility? Are we our brother’s keeper?

One thing is sure: we cannot meet all the needs of the world – but we have got to do something!

Image of girl, drinkingThe special focus of Starfish Asia is the struggling Christian community in Muslim Pakistan, where poverty is widespread and life is tough.

Starfish Asia has joined hands with several reliable Christian Pakistanis, who are themselves passionate about helping their community — but they all too often lack the resources that can bring their dreams to effect.

it costs only £5 or US $10 a month to give a Pakistani child an educationMike Wakely

Many of them are running schools for the poor, the disabled or the blind — to give a chance to the next generation of Christians from poor homes. In the schools that we sponsor, it costs only £5 or US $10 a month to give a Pakistani child an education. That’s value for money and it meets a huge need.

Pakistan is a country with massive problems and Government education is not accessible to everyone. Christians are especially vulnerable and many are trapped in poverty and illiteracy. In a population exceeding 180 million, 50% of the men and 60% of women cannot read or write. 25 million children have never attended school.

It costs so little to give a child the education and the skills to escape from a life of poverty.

We can’t help them all – but we have got to help some!

  • “Half the world lives on less than £1 / $2 a day”

    “Nearly a billion people entered the 21st century unable to read a book or sign their name”


  • “Pakistan faces an unbelievable combination of problems. I know no other country that faces more challenges.”

    US special envoy Richard Holbrooke (2010)

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