Vocational Training

Children in the Holy Shepherd School in KarachiThe Holy Shepherd School in Karachi has served a community of low-wage Christians for 10 years, providing a good Children in the Holy Shepherd School in Karachieducation to hundreds with no other access to schooling. 650 students study at the school that is supported by Starfish Asia.

In 2012, with a grant from the Japanese Government, a Vocational Training Centre was built on land adjacent to the Holy Shepherd Grammar School in Karachi. It opened in 2013 with 200 young people eager to develop vocational skills for their future.

The Centre offers courses ranging from sewing to beauty training, computing to electrical work. It is the fulfillment of a dream for the Christians of Karachi — and especially of the nearby Christian Colony. More are applying to join, knowing that this training will equip them to find jobs in an overcrowded market.

As well as supporting this Vocational Training Centre, Starfish Asia also provides scholarships for students wishing to pursue similar vocational courses, or study elsewhere. Such education and training will help lift these children and their families out of poverty.

Image of Holy Shepherd Grammar School

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