Schools in City Slums


We currently support 25 schools in city suburbs. Many of Pakistan’s Christians live in family communities. They work    as labourers, domestic cleaners, street sweepers and sanitary workers. Wages are low, many are illiterate and access to Government schools is difficult or impossible.

Karachi is Pakistan’s largest city – a dusty sprawl spread over hundreds of square miles beside the Arabian Sea. It is home to about 15 million people. An urban nightmare, it has been called “the world’s most violent city” by TIME Magazine.



In the north of the city is New Mianwali Colony, a community of poor Christians. The dusty alleys are the playground for hundreds of children. Here, the Holy Shepherd Grammar School was opened by a Pakistani couple with a concern for this needy community.


Starfish Asia began supporting this school in 2004 when its founding donors dropped out. It had 200 students and the building was in urgent need of repair. Under the leadership of Anser Javed (now the Starfish Pakistan director) and his wife, the school grew and injected new hope into the community. The student body is now 650.

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