The future in their hands

Who are Pakistan’s true leaders?

Who is setting the pace for tomorrow’s citizens? Who is giving today’s generation an example to follow tomorrow? Who are the leaders that today’s children are following? Of course there are many answers: parents (who model the values their children learn), pastors (who teach the Word of God), politicians (who rule society for better or for worse) — or, perhaps above all, teachers who have the power to inspire the next generation.

Training, inspiring, encouraging

One of our greatest tasks today is to equip the leaders of tomorrow’s citizens. The Christians Schools Survey has given us contact with more than 4,000 Christian teachers. It is our task to give them all the attention they deserve. Many are under-paid, uninspired and untrained. We believe we can make a difference to their skills and their motivation. And then they can make a difference to the children they teach.


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