We’re thrilled to have published ‘The Starfish Asia Story’, a small book that documents the beginning, development and stories of Starfish Asia, as revealed in the last 70 newsletters. As we reflect on the last 21 years, since we first started supporting Ananias Home for Blind Girls and the Lahore Christian High School, we have much to celebrate!

This is not an ordinary history; It is a book of insights, short extracts, quotes, stories — some of them tragic (the floods, the earthquake, the bombs), some of them inspiring, some of them deeply moving.

It is not for sale, but we would like to offer a free copy as a gift to anyone who would like one. Simply email us at info@starfishasia.com with your postal address, and we will gladly send you as many copies as you request. (Sadly this excludes addresses in India and Pakistan)

Alternatively you can view and read the book online here.

The Starfish Asia Story

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