The urgent needs we face

We often remind ourselves of the Starfish story that gives us our name. The lesson from that story is “there are thousands of starfish on the beach. You cannot save them all. And yet, every one is valuable. Every one is important. We must rescue as many as we can.

Here we present some of the urgent calls upon us in our attempt to make a significant difference to the lives of as many as possible of the poor, the suffering and the vulnerable in Pakistan.

Prayer for Pakistan’s Christians

“The Kot Radha Kishan tragedy is a black blemish on the face of Pakistan, our religion and humanity.” So wrote the Chairman of the Pakistan Ulema Council, an organization that represents many Muslim clerics.

“The state has to act proactively to protect its minorities from violence and injustice. We must promote religious and ethnic diversity in our society as a virtue,” said the Prime Minister.

Pray for Pakistan’s leaders as well as the Christian minorities in these difficult times.

Support for our teachers

DSC00189We are convinced that school teachers are the true leaders of society. Their example and teaching are the model for the next generation of Pakistanis. We want to invest more in them, giving them proper salaries, due respect and motivation for the task.

Starfish Asia is investing in teacher training and inspiration. Can you help us to ensure that in 2015 all of the 300 teachers in schools supported by Starfish Asia are properly rewarded (between £35 and £60 monthly (US$55-95; S$70-120).

£35-£60 per month to properly reward a teacherPlease donate now

Books for 7,000 students

DSC00215In February we will transmit funds to Pakistan to cover the partial or total cost of school books for 7,000 students. We have made this commitment but it can only happen.

with your help. We need about £21,000 (US$33,000; S$42,000). It is a small price to ensure that every student has the materials for the coming year of study.

£21,000 to provide every student their books for the yearPlease donate now

School furniture and equipment

Image showing children in classMany schools have few or no desks and chairs when we begin to support them. Yet we believe that school equipment, desks, chairs, blackboard, wall decorations – all are important to provide a good learning environment.

These children were all sitting on the ground when we first found this school. Now they have the pride of a well-equipped school to attend.

One twin desk-bench set costs about £20 / $30Please donate now

Solar panels

Image showing solar panelsPakistan faces an energy crisis. Electricity generation is insufficient across the country. The power goes off in most areas for more than half the day. Imagine that, when the summer heat reaches 45°C / 113°F and there is no power for fans.

One solution is a generator which is expensive to run. Another is a Uninterrupted Power Supply that relies on mains power to charge batteries. A third is Solar Panels. We wish to install Solar panels in 20 schools.

Cost for one school installation: approximately £ 2 – 3,000 / $3 – 4,500Please donate now

Compassion and Emergency funds

Image showing a young girl in a hospital bedPakistan’s poor face many crises and have few resources. Sometimes it is a health emergency, sometimes a domestic tragedy for which a small gift makes the difference between hope and despair.

Elishba is a Class 2 student at the Holy Shepherd School in Karachi. She was playing in her home when a loaded truck’s brakes failed and ran into the wall of her house. She was crushed under the falling bricks. Her left arm was amputated and she hovered between life and death. Starfish Asia’s emergency funds are supporting her back to health.

Any contributions are welcome to the Compassion Fund.Please donate now

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