Allow us to dream

If only…

If only the funds were available. In a world where…

  • 121 million children (28 million in Pakistan) have no opportunity to attend primary school (Source: UNICEF)
  • Two-thirds of the world’s 799 million illiterate adults aged 15 and over are women
  • More than 20,000 people die every day as a result of extreme poverty (Source: The End of Poverty, Jeffrey Sachs)
  • Half the world – nearly three billion people – live on less than two dollars a day (Source: Anup Shah)

…surely funds are available to bring hope to the poor!

We dream of a world where children can just enjoy being children

Image of children playing with balloonsImage of children playing in a pool

The exuberant children at the Miracle Ministries’ School for the families of brick kiln workers

We dream of a world that cares for the forgotten and the downtrodden

Image of children at the CGA Home for Special ChildrenImage of children at the CGA Home for Special Children

Children at the CGA Home for Special Children

We dream of a world where young people have a future to dream about

Image of Dennis, with his family

Dennis (front, right, with his family) has a scholarship to study accountancy. His dream is to serve his community.

We dream of a world where everyone who has too much shares with those who have too little

Image showing food being served at the Miracle School

Serving food at the Miracle School for brick kiln children

We dream of a world where God’s love touches the lives of his children

Image of young girl prayingImage of young girl praying

Prayers are answered!

The Light School, Youhannabad

Image of The Light School, YouhannabadThis school was struggling to survive without any help — unable to pay reasonable salaries to the teachers, it was about to close.

A small and regular subsidy from Starfish Asia in 2012 enabled the school to stay open and increase class numbers and teachers’ hopes.

We know can’t help them all — but we surely must help some!

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