Remember us in your Will

Leaving a legacy to Starfish Asia is an enduring gift and will provide hope to a whole new generation of Pakistan’s Christian children. We treat every bequest as a gift from God to be used carefully and in full to touch the lives of the downtrodden and disadvantaged.

The information given here is not exhaustive and we recommend taking independent professional advice when writing your will.

The benefits of making a Will

By making a gift to Starfish Asia in your Will you will be giving dignity and hope from one generation to the next.

Of all the ways in which people contribute to the vital work of Starfish Asia, one of the most valuable is leaving a gift in their Will.

Making a Will is thoughtful planning, enabling you to take care of your family and friends and make a lasting investment in the next generation. To die without making a will can result in all sorts of complications for your heirs and your wishes may never be fulfilled.

A Will also enables you to make a substantial donation to a Charity of your choice, underscoring your commitment to provide for the wider world. By making a gift to Starfish Asia in your Will you will be giving dignity and hope from one generation to the next.

Making a will gives you and your family peace of mind and can provide a lasting memorial in the lives of Pakistan’s Christians.

How to make a Will

Some common questions about making a Will:

  • How do I make a Will?
    It is important that you use the services of a solicitor.
  • What if I already have a Will?
    Your solicitor can easily add Starfish Asia to your Will with a written instruction called a Codicil. Sample wording for a Codicil is given below.
  • Do I have enough assets?
    Most people are surprised by how much they have when they sit down and count up the value of what they own. You do not need to be wealthy to make a Will or leave a gift.
  • What about Inheritance Tax?
    Because of the increase in the value of houses, many estates now exceed the inheritance tax threshold and more has to be paid in tax. Leaving a gift to a charity such as Starfish Asia can reduce the Inheritance Tax payable on your estate. Your solicitor can answer questions you have about Inheritance Tax.

How to include Starfish Asia in your Will

Your Will plays a crucial role in providing for your family and those who are close to you. It could also enable you to help the children of Pakistan through Starfish Asia. Download a copy of our leaflet:

Starfish Asia Legacy leaflet

Leave a share of your estate

If you are unsure how best to help Starfish Asia, leaving a share of your estate may be the simplest option, as the value of your gift will remain unaffected by inflation. This is called a ‘Residuary Legacy’ and is a gift made from the residue of your estate, once all your family and friends have been provided for.

When you visit your solicitor, you may find the following wording useful:

I give to Starfish Asia, 32 Beck Lane, Beckenham, Kent BR3 4RE, UK (Registered Charity No: 1181649):

  • All the residue of my estate *
  • ………% share of the residue of my estate *
  • The sum of £……………… *
  • An item or items of value …………………… *

(* please delete as appropriate)

If you have already made a Will

You can make a simple addition to your Will to include Starfish Asia by completing a Codicil form and taking it to your solicitor.

I would like to change my Will to bequest Starfish Asia, 32 Beck Lane, Beckenham, Kent BR3 4RE, UK (Registered Charity No: 1181649) the following:

  • The sum of £……………… *
  • ……… % of my residuary estate *

(* please delete as appropriate)

to be used by Starfish Asia for its general charitable purposes, and I direct that the receipt of the Chairman of Trustees or other duly authorised officer shall be sufficient discharge of the said legacy.

This should be attested and signed in the presence of two witnesses and then kept with your will. Your solicitor can help you with this simple procedure. If you or your Solicitor have any questions about Starfish Asia, please contact us.

The legal instructions on this page only apply in the United Kingdom. Please consult a lawyer if you wish to make a legacy to Starfish Asia.

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