Volunteers Q&A

Q. What do volunteers contribute to Starfish Asia?
Fundraisers make a huge contribution to Starfish Asia by giving freely of their time, talents, skills, energy, enthusiasm and experience to help raise necessary funds for impoverished children in Pakistan.

Q. Why are volunteers necessary to Starfish Asia?
We are a non-profit organisation. We cannot hire enough paid expertise to fully achieve the aims and goals of the mission and vision statement. Therefore we rely on a family of volunteers and fundraisers.

Q. What fundraising activities could I run?
It is important to select one that suits your skills and abilities. If you don’t have a lot of time we suggest one that fits your lifestyle. See our A-Z for some ideas and the section, Organizing your own fund-raising event.


Allan, raising funds for Starfish AsiaGive a child a future
Allan is an enthusiast and loves running. This was one of his warm-up events, the London Marathon.

Q. Must I inform Starfish Asia of any fundraising that I do?
Ideally we would like to know what you have in mind and like to talk with our fundraisers. Contact us by email or phone.

Q. What support will I receive?
We may be limited in the amount we can help physically, as we are a very small full-time team. However, we can definitely help by providing publicity materials and copies of the Starfish Asia Newsletters. And we can pray for you and your event. We like to be in touch and will help as much as possible.

Q. How much time do I have to give?
That is entirely up to you. Some fundraisers arrange a number of events throughout the year or get sponsored regularly. Others do one-offs. The time you give is your choice.

Q. Can I fundraise if I work full-time?
Yes, of course. We understand that you may have work, family, church and other commitments. You can give us as much or as little time as you choose.


Andrew Raynes raising money for Starfish AsiaThe extra mile
Another marathon runner for Starfish Asia. Andrew Raynes, a vicar from Blackburn, raised funds for Pakistan’s children

Yes. You are under no obligation and there is no commitment to continue fundraising for us.

Q. Can funds raised be Gift Aided?
Yes. Each donor who is a UK tax payer can increase their gift by 25% by signing a Gift Aid form which can be provided by us or downloaded from the website, or completed online.

Q. How much of the fund raised money goes towards administration?
We take the absolute minimum to cover our low overhead costs. Currently about 85% of all our income goes directly to Pakistan. This represents excellent value for money. If you are raising funds for a chosen school or project, we will send 100% of your gift to the project.

Q. Can I choose where the money goes to?
Yes, you can choose any school or project that we are currently supporting. Otherwise we are happy to advise or use the funds raised wherever they are needed most. We cannot use funds for projects that we are not ourselves already committed to.

Q. What does Starfish Asia do with fund raised money?
The money goes to Starfish Asia’s bank account and is sent to Pakistan, usually on the next transfer.

Q. Is there a minimum amount that I am expected to raise?
No. Every contribution is valuable – it only costs about £5 or $6.50 to support a Pakistani child in school for a month, so small is very beautiful. However it is good to set a target, as this will provide motivation to raise more funds.

Q. To whom do I make cheques payable and where do I send them?
You can make cheques payable to Starfish Asia or you can pay through internet banking.  Just contact us for our account details.

Check the Contact Us page for contact details.

Q. Will I be reimbursed for expenses?
As the role is voluntary we do not normally cover out of pocket expenses but do talk to us if that is a difficulty preventing you from fundraising, and we will see what we can do.

Q. Can I fundraise if I am under 18?
You may fundraise for Starfish Asia if you are under 18, provided you have written permission from a parent or legal guardian.

Q. I live abroad; can I still fundraise for Starfish Asia?
Absolutely.  We see no reason why you should not raise funds wherever you live.

Please get in touch with a Starfish Asia office and we will advise – we have many friends across the world who might be able to help.

Check the Contact Us page for contact details.

Q. Can I tell you if I think something needs to change?
Please do! We value the time and energy you give, and want to listen and learn.

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