Organize your own fund-raising event

The first step is always the hardest, but here are some tips for raising money for Starfish Asia. There is a lot to think about before planning a fund-raising event.

To help you choose an event suitable for you, it is helpful to think about your hobbies, contacts, circle of friends and school, college or work environment.

Consider how much time you are prepared to give. The easiest event to organise will be one that links to your existing lifestyle.

When deciding on the right event you might consider the following

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A typical Starfish Asia promotional standLet the people know
Set up a stand at a local event to let people know they can also make a difference to children’s lives

  • Who will it appeal to?
  • How much time will it take to organise? If you are very busy or pushed for resources, then something simple that fits your lifestyle might be appropriate. If your hobby is cycling you could enter a bike race and get sponsored for each completed mile.
  • Who could help you to organize it? You don’t have to go solo. Think about others who could help you. Family, friends, work colleagues and neighbours may be able to help with planning, preparing and assisting on the day.
  • What resources will be needed, e.g. posters, flyers, tickets, refreshments, etc.?
  • Will it be cost effective? There should be a reasonable amount raised after costs have been met.

To help the success of your event consider the following

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Starfish Asia NewslettersWe will send you publicity materials and Newsletters to help you in raising funds for Starfish Asia. Just contact us

    • Generate publicity. This not only attracts people but provides credibility. With permission you could put up posters and distribute handbills around your school, college, workplace, church, local shop, supermarket, library etc. The best form of advertising is by word of mouth. You could also email, text or send out personal invitations. Local press and radio could be contacted.
    • Make it enjoyable and interesting for those who attend.

Make it clear what you are raising money for.

  • Show the Starfish Asia DVD
  • We can provide information leaflets and brochures.
  • Aim for a target amount you would like to raise.

To help you raise funds

Starfish Asia is registered with Virgin Money Giving in the UK.

You can create your own page for a fundraising event. Click ‘Create your page and follow the links. Let your friends know where to find the page. All gifts given through the page will automatically go to Starfish Asia – including Gift Aid.

Contact Starfish Asia for help if needed:

If you wish the money you raise to go to a specific school or project, please inform us at Otherwise any gifts received for Starfish Asia will be used in the area of greatest need.

Fundraising ideas A-Z

Here is an A – Z list of some fundraising ideas.

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2011 Atlantic crossing in aid of Starfish AsiaA few years ago, someone sailed across the Atlantic and raised sponsorship funds for once of the schools that was supported by Starfish Asia. You maybe not be so ambitious but every enthusiastic idea makes a difference

A  art exhibition, auction
B  bag pack in a shopping centre, ball, barn dance, babysitting, barbeque, bike ride
C  cake sale, car boot sale, card sale, car wash, carol singing, Christmas ball, Christmas fair,
Christmas card sale, cinema night, chocolate ban, coffee morning, collections, computer games night, concert, cricket match, curry night, Chinese evening, classical night
D  dog walking, drawing competition, dinner
E  exhibition, eighties night
F  fair/fete, fancy dress, fashion show, food stalls, face painting, football tournament, fun run, fill a jar with loose change, family fun day, fireside quiz, fill a Smartie tube with £1 coins.
G  gala ball, games night, garden party, golf tournament, gospel concert, guess the age/amount/name/weight, etc.
H  honesty box, household goods sale
I  indulgence evening, Italian evening, it’s a knock out
J  jewelry sale, jazz night, jog (sponsored), jumble sale
K  karaoke night
L  ladies night, line dancing, luncheons
M  marathon, match funding, men’s night, men’s breakfast, murder mystery, musical evening, market stall
N  non-uniform day, name the teddy, nearly-new sale, nature walk
O  outings, orienteering, obstacle course
P  party, photo competition, pantomime, picnic, plant sale, penalty shoot-out competition, praise night
Q  quiz night
R  races, rowing, rugby match
S  scavenger hunt, seventies night, sponsored event (e.g. swim, walk, silence, weight loss etc.), sports competition, strawberries and cream tea party
T  talent show, talent auction, tea party, teddy bear’s picnic, treasure hunt, table quiz, themed party, tournaments
U  unwanted gifts sale, university challenge
V  valentine’s night, variety show
W  walks, women’s breakfast, weird tie day, window cleaning
X  X-Factor competition
Y  yo-yo competition
Z  zombie party, zoo quiz, zany clothes day

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