Our principles and accountability: Reporting back

Image of two Pakistani boysAccounting for the funds we receive and pass on to our partners is very important to us. We are specially aware of the high incidence of corruption in the charity sector and in the area in which we work. Here therefore is an outline of the checks and balances we have put into place to ensure the highest degree of accountability and integrity in all our work.

Starfish Asia and the law

Starfish Asia (UK)

Starfish Asia (UK) registration number 1099672, is a charity bound by UK charity law. Under UK law, a Charity with our income does not require a full audit, but our annual accounts, approved by an Independent Examiner, can be viewed on the Charity Commission of England and Wales website.

Starfish Asia USA

Starfish Asia USA is an independent organisation, recognised by the IRS as exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and registered in the State of Ohio. The main office is in the State of Georgia.

Starfish Asia (Singapore) Ltd

Starfish Asia (Singapore) Ltd. is a registered company limited by guarantee that manages funds given for educational projects in Pakistan.

Starfish Pakistan

Starfish Pakistan is an independent registered Trust in Pakistan, answerable to its Trustees and with an annual Audit.

Our Practices and Policies

Accounting for the funds we receive and pass on to our partners is very important to us

A Standard Operating Procedures Manual, approved by the UK Board and directly applicable only to Starfish Asia (UK) outlines our principles of Operation, including a statement of faith, our values and policies, followed by our statement on Ethics and Integrity, Fraud Bribery and Corruption, Money laundering, Respect for Human Rights and Child Safeguarding , Equality and Discrimination and Risk Management.

In order to ensure that these procedures are observed by all recipient agencies in Pakistan, Starfish Pakistan has produced a summary document, the Starfish Pakistan Manual of Practice, approved by the Starfish Pakistan Board and translated into Urdu. This is given to all partner Projects, and agreement to its content signed by each recipient of Starfish Asia funds.

Accountability for funds

Image of Pakistani girl, smilingAll funds sent by Starfish Asia UK, USA or Singapore to Starfish Pakistan are distributed as designated and treated as Restricted Funds by Starfish Pakistan. Receipts are given to Starfish Pakistan and money received as provided. We are also in close and direct contact with all projects.

All regular Pakistani partner recipients of Starfish Pakistan funds are required to be or to become registered Trusts or Societies under local law with Trust or Society bank accounts.

where-your-money-goesAll partner accounts are open to inspection by staff of Starfish Pakistan. Schools maintain a salary register that is also open to inspection to ensure that teachers are receiving the agreed salaries. Local audits are required for larger projects.

Regular visits monitor expenses and budgets. Most schools are operating on a minimal budget considering the costs involved. The greatest expense is teachers’ salaries which we are constantly reviewing. We do not control projects’ salary scales but make regular recommendations.

  • Projects are required to have open accounts that can be inspected at any time by Anser.
  • Projects are required to permit inspection of bank statements.
  • SP is planning to appoint a qualified internal Auditor to make spot checks of accounts and accounting practices.We do all we can to ensure that Starfish Asia funds are used well, that money is not misused, misappropriated or used for personal benefit, and to ensure the best possible accountability practices. We avoid tight control and believe in the importance of trust, with suitable checks and balances, and to ensure good results as evidence that our money is wisely invested.

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