Sana’s Story: Making a childhood dream become reality

Greetings! My name is Sana Emanuel and I’m an undergraduate student Doctor of Pharmacy at Hajvery University in Lahore. As a child, I dreamed of being a doctor because it was my desire to serve my nation. After passing my matriculation in A+ grades, in order to become a doctor, I first needed to complete a Foundation course but medical colleges demand high fees. And then Starfish offered me a scholarship! So I was able to study, and pass my FSc there.

I then wanted to take admission to a medical institute, but once again the expenses were too high. I was very tense because I come from a family of six and my father hardly makes ends meet. I was also not allowed to get a job myself. So I applied for a second scholarship from Starfish and by the Grace of God, I was successful. From there I enrolled to the Doctor of Pharmacy course and am now in my third year. I’m really thankful to Starfish. It’s indeed a privilege for me to continue my studies; a pharmacist is a vital pillar of the health care system.

I’m really thankful to God, because I wouldn’t be here without his help and wisdom. And I know that I’ll surely be a clinical pharmacist, helping my patients to win the battle of their lives. I believe that I can do all things through Christ, who is my strength.

Sana Emanuel – 3rd Year studying to become a Clinical Pharmacist

There are currently 200 students who are receiving scholarships from Starfish Asia, with many more seeking to apply. Most come from poor homes, and with no means to pay the fees required to attend higher education. Without a scholarship they could not go on with their studies. To read more stories like Sana’s please click here.

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