Room for Improvement: School Upgrades

Over the summer months we were delighted to focus on much-needed upgrades to some of the schools that we support. In particular there has been a lot of building work, providing vital extra space and a safer environment for the staff and students.

Zeenat School
The most astonishing is the transformation of a buffalo shed into spacious class rooms for Zeenat School. The landlord of their previous, very cramped building gave a month’s notice, and Samuel George had to look for somewhere else. He found a spacious building, but the ground floor was nothing but a bare buffalo shed, in need of serious work to transform it into classrooms. However, an agreement was made whereby Starfish is paying for the transformation of the shed and upstairs accommodation in exchange for free rent for a year; a win/win situation and a lovely new school.

Dean Public High School is finally complete, having undergone a thorough restoration over recent months. The building was a safety hazard with plaster falling from the ceilings and no partitions or doors to keep the classroom noise out. There was no protection for heat in the summer or cold in the winter. Naeem gave up his career as a high school teacher and started the school in his own home in 2002. He and his wife live in two rooms in the school. The staff and students are delighted!

Gordon School
After a delay of several years, hurdles were overcome and extra class rooms are in the process of being built in Gordon School, Khanpur.

AOG Light Education System, Lahore
Mrs. Zanobia Stephen opened a school for her Christian community next to the AoG Church. Starfish Asia began to provide help, especially for teachers’ salaries, in 2014. Most funding now comes from churches in Singapore.
In 2020, with Starfish Asia help, the school began a total renovation of the building, with the addition of 4 classrooms on the second floor. We asked about the progress: “The grey structure (cement and plaster), the ground floor room renovation, cementing, electrical work and plumbing is done. The new classrooms upstairs are full of light and very airy. Flooring is complete now and doors and windows are being fitted”

Additional Upgrades
In addition to the structural work, there have been many opportunities to help improve conditions through the provision of water coolers, fans, UPS (uninterupted power supply) and new furniture. The picture below shows the delivery of brand new chairs for Morning Star Primary School. All of these additions help to make the environment more comfortable, especially in the heat of the summer months.

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