Building for the future: Holy Shepherd Grammar School

At the heart of a mixed-community at the northern edge of Karachi lies Holy Shepherd Grammar School, established in 2001. Starfish Asia began supporting the school in 2004. Over time it became apparent that the building structure was weak due to inadequate foundations. Coupled with the fact that Karachi is a region prone to earthquakes, we concluded that a new building was required, with stronger foundations.

The New Holy Shepherd Building
The contractors for the new building are Zor Engineers, a Christian Construction Company with head offices in Karachi. Demolition of the old building began in April 2020. The first phase of the construction, fully funded, was completed in March. The second phase, the first floor, comprising extra classrooms, science lab and toilets, was also fully funded and is near completion.

Ground floor: Stage 1
The Ground Floor comprises: 8 classrooms, Teachers Common Room, Office, Reception, 4 toilets, Pantry and Store. Construction was completed by March 2021.

First floor: Stage 2
The First Floor (Stage 1) comprises 4 classrooms, 4 toilets, Science and Computer labs. Work began on this floor in March 2021.

First floor: Stage 3
Funding permitting, the final stage will provide 2 more classrooms and a Conference Hall. The cost will be approx £15,000.

The final Phase
The end of this project is now in sight. It is the largest building project undertaken by Starfish Pakistan, and Starfish Asia is committed to the future of the school as a beacon of hope for the Christian community. Zor Engineers have remained within both time-scale and budget, in spite of problems presented by the Covid-19 and the weather. According to the schedule, the new school building will open on time, by October 2021.

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