Books for Schools: Help to transform a child’s education

All too many students in Pakistan go through their schooling with poor quality books or without books at all. Therefore, with World Book Day approaching, we are launching our annual appeal to enable us to provide books to at least 10,000 children. There is some uncertainty and confusion about the start of the new school year and the school syllabus. The Pakistan Government has announced that the new school year will begin in August and a new curriculum will be published. Some schools will begin in April and will therefore use the old curriculum books.

In addition to essential school textbooks, more than 8,000 Bible Curriculum books will also be provided for children in classes 1 to 5 and, for the first time this year, the new Book for Class 7, already funded and paid for. Whether required in March or July, we need funds to provide books to at least 10,000 children. The cost for a set of five books is about £4 / US $5.60 / Sing $8. Should you feel able to support us, please either donate via our website or via facebook

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