Running to Get the Schools Started

What do you do when are told that as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown you cannot run 95 miles in 35 hours in the West Highland Way (WHW) Race in Scotland? Well…..personally I would be relieved and instead look to enjoy the fine weather in the garden.

Allan Grant, however, chose to take part in a “virtual” race, running the same distance and a similar ascent/descent profile to the WHW race but in more accessible areas closer to his Glasgow home but spread over several days instead of in just 35 hours.  This meant that Allan did not suffer the hallucinations he experiences when normally running the long distances, and he had time to enjoy the stunning views of mountains, rivers, lakes and greenery outside Glasgow.

If you want to read about Allan’s “virtual race, please go to his Facebook page by clicking on this link:

Allan competes regularly in ultra-marathons of similar distances whilst raising money for Starfish Asia. As the official race was cancelled, Allan decided not to set up a fund raising page for the virtual one.

However, we cannot help feel that the virtual one was as impressive in different ways, and a number of people have asked if they can donate to Starfish Asia. Allan would like any funds to be used to help the schools in Pakistan restart after the lockdown.

You can donate by clicking here – please leave a comment to say it is for Allan Grant’s WHW virtual race.

Thank you Allan!

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