COVID-19: Emergency Appeal

Pakistan, like many developing nations, is severely affected by the COVID-19 virus. All schools, shops, and businesses are closed.

It is the poor who suffer most. We are receiving an increasing number of appeals for help from our Project Leaders:

    “In our area some needy families work on daily wages. Can we provide them food?”

    “Our daily wages people are suffering, in not good condition. Many of them contact me and ask for financial support…”

    “Christian community people on daily wages are suffering with a lack of food… now they have no work and no money.”

Starfish Pakistan aims to provide food, to be distributed through 25 schools to at least 500 of the neediest families for the next three months. It may be needed for longer and we would like to help more. Our appeal is for £25,000 to give £20 per family per month. Every little helps. Can you please contribute?

Donate by clicking on the donate button above and choosing COVID-19 from the list.

Mehmood is a mason working for daily wages. He has four children. The family is very poor and they have no house of their own. They have to pay rent at the end of the month. After the lock-down, Mehmood has had no income and struggles to provide food. The children attend Amazing Grace School and will be receiving food from this appeal.


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