Ambitions for the future – Starfish Scholarships paving the way

There are currently 198 students who are receiving scholarships from Starfish Asia. We recently had the pleasure of ‘virtually’ meeting five of these students via zoom. They all passed their Matric with an A or B grade this year, based on last year’s result because of Coronavirus. All are admirably concerned about supporting their families rather than pursuing their own ambition for a career. They come from poor homes, with most of their parents illiterate and working as sweepers or factory workers. Without a scholarship they could not go on with their studies. All are part of their youth groups at church.


Since childhood Samson has wanted to be a Nurse, and now he has the chance thanks to the Starfish Scholarship programme. He attended Dean Public School and is now studying FSC Pre-Medical at Aspire College. His father works as a tailor and his mother is a housewife. Samson’s desire is to secure a good job and support his family. He has attended Church since childhood and thankfully has not experienced many difficulties because of being a Christian.


Sumbal attended the Ghouri Wisdom High School and passed her Matric with B Grade. Despite her father working as a labourer for a low income, all 3 of her siblings have also gone to school and her sister is a Doctor of Nutrition. Her favourite subject is Biology and she is now studying under a Starfish Scholarship for the FSC Pre-Medical. “It has always been my dream to become a doctor. I am deeply thankful to Starfish for helping towards my education”. Sumbal attends a local church with her family.


At 18 years old Iesha is the oldest of 5 siblings. Her mother is a housewife and her father is a retired soldier suffering from a heart condition, leaving him unable to work. They rely on his pension and both parents are illiterate yet despite these challenging circumstances her parents have been supportive of their daughters attending school. Iesha studied at the Community Development School and thanks to a Starfish scholarship she is now studying at Aspire College for Intermediate in Commerce. She would like to work in banking as an accountant and says “Maths is my favourite subject. It’s always been my dream to be an accountant, to earn money to support my family” If she didn’t go to school she would simply be helping her mother at home.


Haroon is 18 years old and passed his Matric with A grade after attending the Kingdom of Heaven High School. He is the oldest of 4 siblings, his father a sanitary worker and his mother a street sweeper. His parents are supportive of his study despite their low income. Haroon is now studying for FSC Pre-medical and hopes to work hard and get good grades in order to continue his studies and get a place on a government-funded training course at a hospital. Haroon’s desire is to serve, and he believes nursing is a respectable and kind profession through which he can also be successful and support his family. He enjoys playing Harmonia and singing in a local church.


Afaq comes from a family of 6 and attended Zeenat school with the support of his parents. His mother is a housewife and his father a labourer. If Afaq didn’t attend school he would likely end up as street sweeper. Instead he has great ambitions to become a successful businessman, to earn money to support his family. Having passed his Matric with a B grade, a Starfish Scholarship has now enabled him to continue studies in FSC Engineering. Afaq enjoyed studying the bible at school and attends church with family.

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