“This is the best thing I’ve ever done in my life”

P1010213That was how important it was for one of our teachers when she attended a rich and varied teacher training programme we set up in the Himalayan foothills last month.

She was one of 75 from across Pakistan, to attend the event and we had a great time!  Young and older, male and female, the teachers came from big cities and tiny villages.  Some had degrees others barely had school-leaving certificates; some were very experienced others just starting out; they were teachers of primary and secondary.P1010487

The programme was designed to be helpful for all.  New ideas and techniques were consciously modelled in the activity-filled sessions.

For the Starfish staff who were doing the training it was a great opportunity, too: to get to know our teachers, to hear their stories, understand afresh the situations they face, and express our appreciation of their work.

‘We have leaP1010152 Shamim, Marcus, Anser, Nadia, Nagina, Sagerrnt new dynamic things.  We never knew about those things and now we will go back and we will start teaching our children with different strategies,’ said one teacher at the end.  ‘We’re so grateful to Starfish for this training,’ added another.

Already they have begun to take back what they have learned to their colleagues and their classrooms.  We received photos of some back at their Karachi school conducting workshops for their colleagues to pass on what they had learned!  It’s exciting to see the benefits rippling out.


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