Home Improvements

We’ve made significant improvements to two of our care homes in Lahore.


The Gospel Care Home looks after 10 boys. Some of them are from dysfunctional homes and have experienced abuse and neglect. Some come from families that are just too poor to look after them. It provides a family atmosphere and a school to help their studies.

We recently became concerned that the boys were receiving inadequate care at the Home, but there have been some significant improvements.

Samson has been given overall responsibility for the care of the boys.  He oversees their study, sport and personality development and invites in other responsible helpers to lead activities with the youngsters.

Rohana with her husband and 4 children has also moved into the home to take charge of all cooking and washing for the expanded family.  Shamshad and Rubina, who lead the Gospel ministry, are still nearby to help when needed and are talking of expanding the home to 20 boys.


Meanwhile, across town at the HERF Home, after a long wait they are celebrating being in different premises!  They previously rented a small, dingy house with no outside space, but now have much improved accommodation.  We enjoyed an evening of tea and games with the 20 girls in their new courtyard.


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