Hello. Did we meet you at Keswick?

I feared that running a stall at the Keswick Convention might involve a lot of waiting around, clock-watching.  But not at all: it was hugely absorbingGeraldine and Marjorie at Keswick!

Valued supporters came to chat, some already well known to us and others who we had never met before.  One lady from Pakistan knew the names of many of the children pictured on the banner by our stall (unlike us!).

Our spirits were refreshed by the splendours of the English Lakes and by the authenticity of much of the teaching we were priveleged to hear.

We made friends with some on neighbouring stalls and were inspired by the endeavour and compassion they represented..

Above all, we had some fascinating conversations with people who were interested in Pakistan or in our work.  They ranged from those who were hearing about that country’s needs and problems for the first time to others already deeply involved in projects themselves there.

If we met you and you would like to follow up that contact, we would love to hear from you.P1010724



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