Attack on Lahore’s Christians

You will no doubt share our shock to hear of the bombing in a Lahore park on Easter Sunday, in which Christians were targeted. More than 70 lives were lost (very many not Christians).  Women and children were the main victims.

It’s an atrocity which catches far less media attention than the recent attacks in Brussels.  But it has shone some light on the plight of Pakistan’s Christians.

Anser and Kashi, our partners in Pakistan, have been busy giving comfort to many affected families.  They have attended funerals and offered support with funeral expenses.  Anser texted sad news on the day of the attack about two of our students: Sharoon Patris in class 8 (aged 13/14) was killed and his brother Irfan, a year older (pictured), was seriously injured. Both had been attending one of our schools in Youhannabad.

These are people we seek to support not just in crises like this, but day in day out by providing places in school and homes for the disadvantaged.

While Pakistan captures the news headlines, please seize the opportunity to speak with family and friends who have a heart to help our work with this embattled minority.

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