How many schools?

DSC06607How many schools are out there, serving Christian communities and children in isolated corners of Pakistan?  And what facilities do they have?  Enough classrooms? Furniture? Are they able to pay their teachers a living wage?

One of our most exciting recent plans is to do some serious research into the scale of the educational problem facing Christians in Pakistan.  If we are to think strategically about bringing help where it is most needed, we must have a picture of where and how big the overall needs are.  A survey will also help us locate many Christian schools in urgent need of help.DSC06261a

It could provide invaluable, professional information for other organisations too – the church, the government and other donor agencies.  If, as a consequence, it opens the way to larger scale funding, it might significantly bring forward our hopes for a better future for deprived Christian children.

We are working with ITA, the organisation which inspected each of our schools this year.  They also produce the Annual Status of Education (ASER) Report in Pakistan, so they are ideal partners for this project.  They have helped us produce the survey questionnaire and will do the final analysis.

Sanjha, our other partner organisation, has people on the ground to do the actual surveying.  We have specific funding for the project and expect it to be completed in the middle of 2016.

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