From Making Bricks to Building Lives

DSC05879[1]Arif Rasheed grew up in a brick kiln worker’s family, playing in the mud at the brick kiln with his brothers and sisters.  He began work in a factory but there suffered an accident in which he lost two fingers.  While recovering he was inspired by the story of the founder of the Colgate company who set aside 90% of his salary to help in the Lord’s work.  Arif decided he too wanted to give to help others.

“My vision is to provide education to the deprived and poor children in my

community. I also want to work for the elderly, who get no help from their

children, and to work for the needs of widows and their children.”

Help has come from an unexpected source.  A generous donor has given money for the support of two schools in memory of his mother.   Arif’s school, now named the Marjorie School of Hope, has seen some big changes in recent weeks.  New classrooms have been constructed, new furniture purchased and teachers’ salaries increased.  Arif’s dream is being realised and his community given new hope.  165 Christian children are now studying there.



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