How can we not help?

How can we not help?Three hours down the main road to the southwest is a city of Sahiwal and just before it is a turning to the left that leads to a village.

It is a mixed community and at its heart is an amazing family. Mehtab, his two sisters and his parents started a school in their home several years ago. It has grown and now takes up most of the house. Some of the family sleep in a classroom. They have been appealing from time to time for Starfish Asia to help them expand the school to accept more Christians from very poor homes. With no promise of outside help, they recently constricted two new classrooms, using their father’s pension funds. We are impressed!

How can we not help?

How can we not help?After waiting for five years, we sense that now we must provide some regular support and help for furniture and a few other improvements. We will not undermine the family’s amazing dedication but this will enable them to admit more children from the very poor Christian neighbourhood. The sisters are musical and have powerful voices with which to praise the Lord.

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