From the brick kilns – with confidence

the Friends School, Su-e-AsalMike writes from Pakistan…

This week we visited the school in Su-e-Asal. What a transformation we have seen at this school! It serves more than 200 children, many of whom come from families working on local brick kilns, very poor and tragically under-privileged.

We go from class to class and try to engage with the children. In many schools the children are shy to speak and it is hard work to get a response. But not in the Friends School, Su-e-Asal! These children showed astonishing confidence, asking questions, engaging in conversation with our small team. It was an absolute honour to find such ambitious and capable young people. In their brick kilns they may not know much about the world, but their curiosity and intelligence was truly moving.

the Friends School, Su-e-Asalthe Friends School, Su-e-AsalThere is hope for even the most disadvantaged, given the right encouragement.
Some of the classes are still studying in the open air for lack of classroom space. They shift their chairs around the courtyard to try to catch whatever shade they can. They sit on small benches made for much younger children.

This school urgently needs more investment in classrooms and furniture – before the summer sun burns too hot!Please donate now

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