The Joy of Giving

Christmas Nativity sceneWhat is it about Christmas that makes it so special for many? Is it the thought: “What do I want for Christmas?” Or is it: “What shall I give?” Yes, it really is more blessed to give than to receive.

Many of our partners in Pakistan look on Christmas as a great opportunity to provide special comfort and hope to those they serve. Thanks to some very special gifts from Singapore, Anser has been busy over the Christmas period visiting schools in some very poor areas, his vehicle full of provisions to give to families that have very little to make their Christmas happy. Check out his blog to see some of the pictures. He also invited the orphan children from Abba Home to come to his home where he did duty as Father Christmas. A special day for the Abba Home family.

ChristmasEvery Christmas for the past ten years or more, Ashley and Seema of the Fellowship of Christ have arranged gifts or rice, sugar and other items for the Christians on low incomes in the area where they live. He has written to us: “Thank you for your help of 475 pounds for the poor and needy Christian families of our school students. It was really wonderful to distribute gifts and food stuff for Christmas on 16th December 2013. Once again we wish you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.”

Several schools put on special Christmas dramas with their children, gave gifts to the parents and celebrated together. Thank God for all the gifts He gives that we can pass on to those in greater need.

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