Thanking Malala

Image of little girlMalala is a courageous 16 year-old Pakistani girl. If you haven’t seen her in the news, you probably haven’t been reading or watching the news!  She almost won the Nobel Peace Prize. She spoke at the United Nations, has visited the White House and is on her way to meet the Queen. Why?

For two reasons:  1. She was shot by the Taliban in Pakistan because of her advocacy for the rights of girls to be educated, and 2. Because she is passionate about making education accessible to everyone. She has caught the public imagination in a cause that is very close to our hearts too.

Another courageous young lady has also stirred our hearts over the past few weeks. Jacky (somewhat older than Malala) is also passionate about changing her world. She set out in June to cycle across America in order to raise funds for the children at the Holy Shepherd School in Karachi. She didn’t make it!  But she got half way across and then felt terribly guilty for taking the train.

Read her blog. She has been discouraged because she found out that most people she talked to were not really interested in the children of Karachi. That made her even more passionate to do something to help.

Take a look at:

Somebody cares. Thank you, Jacky!

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