Life with one arm

KanwalI have met Kanwal and her family before and I am inspired by them. She lives with her parents and four siblings in a simple home and they struggle to make ends meet. But they are an inspiration.

Kanwal was born with only one arm. Her left arm ends at her elbow. She is 14 years old. She has no self-pity or shame. Her parents are determined that their five children will receive a good education. Kanwal and her 12 year-old sister attend an English medium school – and they are proud of their English. When I ask Kanwal what she wants to do in the future she is absolutely clear. “I want to be a pharmacist”. Her sister is determined to be a hardware engineer. The third sister will become a nurse. I believe they will all achieve their ambitions.

Kanwal with her familyI talk to Kanwal about life with only one arm. Then I tell her about another little girl with one arm – Elishba in Karachi. I ask Kanwal if she would write a letter to encourage Elishba, to tell her that she can live a full life and must dream great dreams for her future. Kanwal agrees.

Then I ask Kanwal if we can help her. “Yes,” she replies. ‘We need a computer for our studies.” I do a deal with her. “You write that letter to Elishba. I will get a computer for you.” She smiles. She is a winner and I am honoured to help her gain the prize. I hope to seal the deal next week.

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