Investing in tomorrow

Thank you poster made by the pupilsMr Dean has been teaching students from low income Christian families for the past eight years. His school has built up a reputation for excellence, mainly because of his dedication to give the best he can as a well-qualified science and maths teacher. Most of his students do well in their exams. We admire Mr Dean’s perseverance. He has given at great personal sacrifice for his own people. But the building he has been using as a school was a disaster.

Seeing that the roof was (literally) dropping pieces of brick on the heads of the students studying below – and that the floors were uneven and made of compacted mud, we determined that the students deserved better. We provided a small grant in June for six classrooms and the entrance to have a complete makeover.

On October 24 Anser and I attended a great performance of drama and song in celebration of the new building. The students at Dean Public School have a decent place to study. Now they are waiting for the new school desks to arrive. That is not all. Mr Dean has been able to pay his teachers only £15 a month from the £3 fees he collects from his students. We hope to help him to increase these salaries to a reasonable level. They deserve every encouragement for the amazing work they do for tomorrow’s Pakistan.

The classroom

The classroom

Image of the pupils

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