The launch of Uraan

Today is a great day for Christian teachers in Pakistan. URAAN arrived from the printer!

This is the first issue of a new Urdu quarterly magazine for Christian teachers  — Uraan (Fly! or Inspire!) is designed to encourage and inspire those teachers who are preparing the next generation of Pakistani Christians. The 2016 Christian Schools Survey gave us contact with more than 4,000 Christians int he teaching profession, many of them with little training and little encouragement. Uraan is a step towards providing hints and tips for teachers, especially those tasked with teaching Christian children in Pakistan.

The magazine is an initiative of Starfish Pakistan and it launches the Pakistan Association of Christian Teachers. With an editorial by Anser Javed, Director of Starfish Pakistan, and Kashi Javed, co-editor of the magazine, it also contains an introduction from Mr Shahid Ambrose, Principal of St,. Anthony’s School in Lahore and other articles to inform, teach and motivate Christian teachers.

This is Amir and his wife from The Way to Light School, holding the first copy of Uraan Magazine. The next issue will be published in April.

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